Saturday, 28 April 2012


People act like Saturday is such a big deal.  Not for me, I always have to work so it's just another day.  So I'm sitting here at work just playing on my computer and texting with my sister.  Nothing is going on here yet I have managed to kill 7 hours.  Time just gets eaten, I don't know where it goes.

This time thing is an issue a lot.  I have no concept of how much time has passed or how long any activity will take.  It's funny because if I'm at an event or in a situation where I am not either in control or fully enjoying myself then time crawls.  But when I'm by myself, doing what I want or just going about my business, time slips away.  When I am out or shopping or doing anything away from my house or work I have to check my watch constantly just to stay on track. 

Apparently this time issue is an aspergers thing.  Weird, it's been a problem my whole life and I just thought it was my personality, only now do I discover that it's part of a wiring problem in my brain.  But in reality, whatever the reason, it's very annoying.  I wish that I didn't have to adhere to any schedule other than my own.

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  1. Hi Penny, omg, I was recently contemplating these very points about time and how much time. Very interesting. Thanks so much. It isn't just me:) Amy