Monday, 16 April 2012

Oh the torment

I upgraded (ha) to the new google plus or whatever the hell it is and suddenly I was unable to post.  So then I had to install google chrome on my work computer no less.  This better not screw up anything else I have on here or weirdly sync everything so that it's all creepily connected.  Yikes, there are things on this computer that I just plain old cannot have attached to my silly blog!  Sheesh!

I didn't post again last night because I didn't cheer up until after midnight and although I wanted to write a quick little something the wireless internet does not extend to the bedroom in my palatial 1000 square foot mansion.  strangley though I can access my home internet from the bus stop which is 3 doors down from my house.  Will wonders ever cease?

Now I am heading out of work to go meet my brother for an evening of improv and drinking.  I will be in the audience, not on the stage.

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