Thursday, 12 April 2012

Here I am again

Yup, the big three days in a row.  How long does it take to form a habit?  21 days?  30 days?  The struggle continues.

I ate salmon, I drank water and the broccoli is there, languishing in the fridge waiting to be cooked and eaten.  I suppose I could eat it raw but I'm not going to.  The dog will be walked when I get home.  as usual I am still at work so no dog walking can occur until I leave.  Just 30 more minutes.

Will I get a ride home, will I eat my broccoli, will I have a lovely evening all to myself?  All of these questions beg to be answered, and they will be.  It just takes time.

I brushed my dog for 20 minutes yesterday and as much hair was coming out at the end as at the beginning.  I did it outside so all the hair is blown into the corners of my yard.  Every bird in my neighbourhood is going to have a nest lined with the downy undercoat of my lovely dog.  And when the birds lay eggs they will be coddled in the cozy warmth and softness of my dogs fur.  Then when the eggs hatch my cat Spencer will kill the chicks.  It's the circle of life.

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