Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Maybe it's the vodka...

So, yeah, the vodka could be a factor here but I got it into my head that salmon pizza sounded like a pretty good idea.

Now before you get all horrified, just relax, this is in the hands of an expert. I have the dubious credentials of a pizza pro. I was in the pizza biz for a long time. At the tender age of 18 I worked in the phone room for Pizza 73 , which was a big deal in the olden days. It might have been the first pizza place in Edmonton to have computers and a central phone room and all that cool stuff. We wore headsets and had big, beige computers, it was awesome. After graduating from that school of hard knocks I moved on. All the way to Ontario where I dabbled in a series of hilarious jobs that I'm sure will come up at a later date. But anyway, I knew I had hit a home run when I ended up at Fat Alberts/Ralph's. Fat Alberts was the restaurant and Ralph's was the lounge, class all the way! Such a great place that my (then) husband and I bought a franchise. We quickly went broke, but damnit I know a shitload about pizza.

From there we moved to Calgary, just following the Canadian dream I guess. I landed firmly in my place with a stellar job at Pizza Hut where I finally achieved my status as a pizza pro. So if you doubt my prowess whipping up a salmon pizza I challenge you now.

See, the real quest for yumminess comes after you've worked with crappy pizza for a few years. It hones your taste buds and refines them to the point where ordinary pizza tastes like pure crap. I, my friends, am a connoisseur.

I'll let you know how it works out.

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  1. Very interesting. You are a pizza pro. I worked at Crusted Creations pizza in Traverse City for about six months. Once behind the counter, I gathered a whole new understanding of the pizza making process. And yes, I learned to throw the dough in the air.