Wednesday, 9 May 2012

I am being used as a cautionary tale.

I have a  terrible habit of putting on shoes in a hurry and not wearing socks.  Usually I just think that I am not walking far so it won't matter and then I end up walking for an hour with dire consequences.

In the spring summer and fall I always have cuts or blisters on my feet.  The winter is so cold that my disregard for socks is over ridden by my quest to not die of frostbite.

Anyway, my 7 year old niece apparently has the same issue with socks.  I think we just don't have patience.  If we want to go, we want to go NOW.  I was at my parents for dinner on Sunday and so were my niece and her parents.  My most recent not wearing socks injury was very apparent as I was wearing cropped pants and flip flops.  Both of my ankles have big scabs on them from a rainy evening last week.  I came home from work and changed my clothes, then I decided to go outside and play with the dog.  I popped on a cute pair of ankle height rubber boots (sockless) and went outside.  It was so nice that I grabbed the leash and ended up taking the dog down to the river and back.  A trek that takes about an hour in total.  My ankles were bloody by the time I got home.  I was drenched to the skin, even my underwear was rain soaked.  It was an awesome walk.

My sister called my niece to her side and pointed at my injured ankles.  "Look at Auntie Penny's ankles, that's what happens when you don't wear socks."  My niece didn't really seem too impressed so my sister continued "Those scabs will probably get infected and then Auntie Penny will have to get her feet amputated, so you better wear socks from now on!"

My niece skipped away, hardly affected by the terrifying consequences that her dear Auntie Penny might be faced with.  I, however, was somewhat weirded out.  Sheesh.

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