Friday, 25 May 2012

A little agitato

There's a line from a Jane Siberry song that goes through my mind every now and then, pretty often actually.  It kind of sums up a feeling that I get from time to time.  I don't remember what the song is called and I'm not in the mood to hit up the Google machine right now, so I'll just tell you the line:  "She wants to write something down, she wants to sing a song or paint something".

I get that feeling of pent up creativity or art bubbling up inside.  And then what?  So many times I stifle it and stomp it down because life gets in the way.  I have too much drudgery to slog through before I can play.  I've always dreamt of going completely off my rocker so that the bonds that tether others to conform with society would no longer hold me and I could go off on the flights of fancy that beckon.  But I am a drone.  As much as I hate schedules and obligations I cannot escape them.  Now I suppose it's about balance. 

My quest is to find that ellusive balance.  Balance is not easy for me, I'm an all or nothing kind of chick. 

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