Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Went to to the doctor today

I haven't had a family doctor since a few years ago.  I had a really great doctor up until then but he died.  Since then I've only been seeking treatment when something is wrong, so I figured I had better find myself a new one and get a file going that is all in one place.  So a new practice openned and I made an appointment.

The doctor is really nice, she's around my age and from Pakistan.  I asked her about the process of getting certified here and she said it took her ten years and cost thousands of dollars.  Crazy!  Aren't we in desperate need of doctors?  Why on earth should it take that long?  Even she admitted that the process of standardized testing is necessary, but the time and the expense?  All a complete waste.

Anyway, I explained to the new doctor that I don't like doctors, so when I come in I will not lie.  If I say something is wrong with me then something is.  I am not an attention seeker, at least not in that regard.  I showed her the big long diagnosis letter and explanation from the psychologist who I saw regarding my asperger's and gave her my medical history and family background info.  I explained my health concerns to her and she is sending me for a big, long battery of tests including a mammogram (dear lord!).

My main concern is anxiety, other than that I am in crazy health.  I need to quit smoking and cut down on my drinking too, but that's all anxiety related.  I explained to her that I do not want to be medicated.  In my mind medication should only be used to treat a sickness and I am not sick, I'm just crazy.  So she promised that I would be her homework and that she would see what she could find out for me.  She also wrote down a homeopathic remedy for me to try.  It's something called Aconite and she wrote 30 behind it.  Has anybody heard of this stuff?

All in all a good visit in my mind.  Hope she's "the one"!


  1. I haven't heard of Aconite, but we started using L-Theanine a few years ago for the girls. Hopper has a severe anxiety disorder, and she gets violent with me when she takes them. We have to list them as an allergy. She doesn't have a problem with the Theanine, and it helps tremendously. It's an amino acid found in green tea. It's just that buy buying it in capsule form, you don't have to drink 3 gallons of green tea a day. ;)

    II hope she is 'the one' for you, too. I hate having to switch doctors!

  2. I have to find a good health food/pharmacy place that has everything. I will try that amino acid too, what the hell? I'm not too keen on drinking my weight in green tea either. I'm open to suggestions, I'm happy to experiment on myself.