Saturday, 7 January 2012

Wee update

It's 1:20am, I just installed the blogger app on my iPod touch, now I can blog anywhere, anytime. As long as there is an Internet connection. Side note: the iPod auto magically capitalizes itself as well as the word Internet. That's weird.

I just had to give you the promised update about the high end consignment store that I was nervous to go to before. Well, it's a nice store and it's got a buzzer by the door. So I buzzed and the lady was a total sweetie.

Too tired to write more. See ya tomorrow!


  1. That automatic spell correcter messes my writing up something fierce. There are so many neologisms, words that I have made up...I often forget to recheck before post. Peoples and thingy are two of my favorite words.

    1. I'e also noticed that you use bestest. It's cute.