Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Mice, seriously?

If you saw me rght now here at work, you would probably be jealous.  I have my feet up and I'm screwing around on the internet doing non work related stuff.  But take my word for it when I tell you that I am in massive stress and turmoil.  There are mice here, or at least mouse.  I can't explain why this is so horrible for me but it is.  My fear is 100% irrational and knowing that still doesn't help.

I brought my cat to work with me yesterday and he stayed over night but there is no evidence of any life or death struggles and no dead bodies laying around (that I have seen anyway).  There are also 2 traps that the guy down the hall set for me.  The traps are behind closed doors in case you wre wondering about the safety of Spencer the hired killer cat.  One of the traps has been set off and is flipped over but I am not going to turn it over to check.  I will await the arrival of the guy from down the hall, he used to live on a farm so he is tough.  He said he'd be in around 1pm, so I will commence hanging out in the hallway at approximately 12:50pm.

Even as I write this I realize that being afraid of a mouse is crazy, but I just am.  I used to be irrationally afraid of cats too, and now I have 2 of them as pets.  There is no way in hell that I will ever have a mouse as a pet!  I also used to be afraid of dogs, which I don't consider irrational, dogs are scary.  I have a dog now, so I got over some of that fear I guess, but I'm still scared of random dogs. 

AAaaaaah (that's a scream) as I was writing the last paragraph I heard the trap by the microwave snap.  I can't look!  My lovely and equally paranoid coworker sort of looked but the velocity of the snapping must have moved the trap and now it's probably under the microwave cart thingy.  We are not going to search.  We need a man.  Yes, I am a liberated woman, I can do whatever I want and I expect equal pay for my work etc. but some things just require a man, or at least a tomboyish woman.

Now I'm hearing things and my eyes are darting about scanning my surroundings like I'm under sniper fire.  This is not cool. 

I need a drink.

It is with a drink by my side that I write this.  So 1pm rolls around, still no Dave, he's the guy from down the hall.  So I leave a note on his door reading:" Dave!! Your assistance is required down the hall. Thanks, Penny".  Around 2pm he showed up.  One of the traps had been set off but there was no dead body in it.  The second trap was ricocheted under the microwave stand and there was indeed a dead critter in it.  Dave disposed of the body and reset the traps.  One down. 

You can understand how a drink was necessary.  Aaaaargh.

Same picture twice? Sorry, still figuring this stuff out!


  1. I hate mice, too. I'm not afraid of them. I just hate them.

    A couple years ago I went outside to add something to the compost bin. We have one made of all black plastic with a lid on top instead of an open fenced off area. When I opened the top, I saw 4 baby mice jumping around in the compost. They looked like little kangaroos jumping straight up in the air. They totally freaked me out. I got the garden hose and just let it run in the bin. I am not sure, if they drown, or if they took off, but I've never seen evidence of mice in there again.

    I'm glad you had a man working down the hall from you, since a tomboyish woman wasn't around to help you out. :)

    Thanks for stopping by my blog. It's nice to meet you! :)

  2. That's what makes mice so scary. They are tiny and freakishly agile.

    It's nice to meet you too, your blog is very good, and especially good for me.