Saturday, 7 January 2012

Asperger's is going to be obsolete

So instead of having Asperger's I will now have high functioning autism.  Sounds worse, doesn't it?  Now people are going to think that I am in and out of fugue states with a tendency to bang my head against walls and all manner of other stereotypical autism stuff.  Sheesh.

Not that a lot of people even know that I have Asperger's but still.  I would like to be able to tell people if it comes up or if I feel it necessary, now I will have to think three times instead of just twice.  Most people don't really think that there is anything wrong with me, beyond being vaguely weird that is.  I present very well, even the psychologist who diagnosed me didn't think there was anything wrong with me until I did the testing.  After 8 hours of testing my Asperger's was showing.  I was overwhelmed, overstimulated and fed up.  That combined with all of the test results proved what I had known all along:  I'm not crazy but I am also nowhere near normal.  So the diagnosis was good and I have mostly come to terms with having Asperger's but I am certainly nowhere near coming to terms with having autism.  I know it's just semantics but that is how I feel.

Dumb, eh?  I can't believe this is even taking up space in my head.  What a waste.  I will instead concentrate on going out for dinner tonight.  I shall begin the preparations now with a glass of wine.  Ooooh, I almost typed "a glass of whine" bit of a Freudian slip?


  1. I'll have a glass of whine with you. :::passes cheese:::

    You know, everyone has *something*. Sometimes it's visible. Sometimes it's really visible. And sometimes, people just do a really good job of denying it or covering it up.

    Too bad more of them aren't willing to share their whine with others. :)

  2. I had the same issue for awhile. Then I went to an autism conference where one of the speakers explained it. It makes sense now. Still think of autism=Rainman and I'm some sort of Rainstein freak:)

    1. That makes me think of that German band, what are they called? Ramstein?