Friday, 6 January 2012

I need to make more money!!

Remember all those bullshit books from a few years ago?  Books like "The Secret"?  They all pretty much said that you could have whatever you wanted as long as you made your intentions clear and put it out into the universe.  So I'm doing it.

The intention couldn't be clearer.  MORE MONEY, please!  I am tired of working all the hours of the day for a substistance amount of money.  I want to work less hours and have more cash.  There I've said it.  Now what?

While I wait for that answer I will carry on as usual I guess.  I am at work now, it's Friday.  I have been here since 10am and I imagine that I will be here until at least 10pm.  I went for a seven minute tan before work to get a dose of vitamin D and keep the winter itchies away.  I must remember to go again on Monday. 

There is a bottle of chilled white wine just languishing in the fridge here at work.  I keep thinking about having a glass but I must restrain least for a while.  This evening after 5 I will allow myself to delve in.  What the hell, right?  It's still practically the holidays.  Hah, as if I've ever needed an excuse.  I have managed to work drinking into every job that I've ever had starting with the european deli that I worked at when I was 14.  We sold Jaggermeister there as a stomach remedy and my coworker Carolyn and I quickly discovered that it was more than just medicine.  Or maybe to me it is medicine, liquor that is.  I feel much more normal, friendly and relaxed when I have had a few belts.  It works for me.  I wonder if I could get a prescription.  Imagine having your booze covered by your benefits!  Bliss I tell you.

There is a store down the street that I think I might sneak out and visit.  It's almost never open but over the past few days I have seen their open sign displayed.  It's a high end women's congignment store that you have to buzz to get into.  I wonder if they will let me in?  Let me describe today's beautiful outfit to you: faded baggy jeans, turned up to capri length, scruffy black boots, fuschia cardigan, knee length black leather coat with patched areas from where my dogs claws tore the leather.  I don't exactly look rich enough to shop there, do I?  Let me work up the energy to get my ass moving and I will go check it out, update to come later.

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