Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Can you believe this?

I haven't been able to get onto this blog for months because I couldn't remember my password.  And just now I discovered that it's just a matter of signing onto my email and google account.  I'm a wingnut.

I have a Gravol hangover today and my brain isn't quite up to par.  Perhaps trying to write anything is silly but I'm just so darn thrilled to be able to get back on here that I will churn out some kind of drivel just because I can.

I got wolloped by the stomach flu or something yesterday.  I feel a ton better but still not best.  I ended up fighting with my lovely gentleman companion last night as he was trying to help me.  When I am sick I really truly just want to be left alone.  I guess that's not normal. 

I also came to work.  I always come to work, no matter what.  Apparently that's not normal either.

Oh well.

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