Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Is Aspergers or Autism all you are?

Why is it that when I read aspie or autism spectrum people blogs that all they talk about is their diagnosis?  I would like to think that I am more than a person with something.  I am a person.  Yes, I am weird, I always have been.  Who cares why?  I am in my 40s and the fact that I have opinions, a job, a relationship etc do not all boil down to a diagnosis.  It is reassuring for me to know there are others like me.  Very reassuring!  I spent my life trying to fit in and conform and succeed to a set of standards that not only do I not understand, but that I think are stupid, vapid, and frankly wrong.  But that said, why I am the way I am does not change that I am the way I am.  Does that make sense?  I am the way I am regardless of a diagnosis or a title for my "type".  I have to function in this world whether or not I agree with or even understand the rules. 
  My search for a community has led me to all sorts of strange places, trying to find out where I fit in or kindred spirit types.  And now my quest has brought me to the aspie community.  I love reading something that I can 100% indentify with, it's very exciting.  But now I want to read more.  I want aspie people to write blogs about ordinary life.  Day to day, dealing with whatever, just like we all are.  Maybe my quest must continue, because life continues.  I am more than a diagnosis, I am gnosis, and I shall be known.

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