Monday, 6 June 2011

Reading blogs....all the time.

  I spend a ton of time wandering around the internet reading random blogs.  For some reason I get on kicks of types of blogs to read.  For a while it was Pro-ana blogs, I find them fascinating.  I like to eat while I read them.  Much like I enjoy drinking while watching intervention.  Sometimes I am into fashion blogs, looking at people's outfits and makeup, but it gets tiresome fast.  I always return to the Aspie blogs because they reflect me best of all.  I found a good one today "Femmeburger".  Love her! 
The DIY blogs are inspiring but naturally I never follow through with doing the great stuff they teach so I just end up feeling bad.
  Anyway, that is what I have been doing this very exciting Monday morning.  There's nothing going on here at work.  I checked out the free songs on I tunes and got 2 of those.  Woohoo!  Soon I will revert to solitaire playing as usual.
  Gotta mention too that I ate my lunch within half an hour of being here and now I'm hungry again.  I have more food but since I am trapped here well into the evening it probably wouldn't be prudent to eat it yet......or should I?  These are the fascinating questions that I am struggling with this fine, June Monday.  I am lame.

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