Monday, 30 May 2011

It's Monday in the big city

Here I sit, bored at work as usual.  Trolling the internet for inspiration and finding none.  Solitaire on my Ipod Touch beckons.  If I could somehow get paid for playing solitaire I would be well on my way to financial independance  Sadly, however, this pie in the sky evades me.
  Tonight is the season finale of the live improvised soap opera that I attend weekly.  After tonight my Monday evenings will be free until September.  That should be just enough time to get caught up on the reruns of Monday evening shows that I have missed the rest of the year.  Either that or I will work more, hooray.  That's just what I was dreaming of, more work.
  Let's talk about my deodorant/antiperspirant for a moment, shall we?  I just bought the new Nivea one that is supposed to not leave yellow stains on my white clothes and not leave white stains on my black clothes.  So far it has done neither of those things.  I actually don't think it's doing anything at all.  It won't leave stains if it's not there right?  I think that's how it works.  You rub this stick under your arms and nothing happens.  It's a hoax plain and simple.  Who do I notify?

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