Thursday, 29 December 2011

Should I make any resolutions for the new year?

Still vaguely flu-ish and feeling a bit bah humbuggy, but I'm thinking about the new year.  I want this coming year to be better, I would imagine everyone does, hence the tradition of the resolution. 
  I can't remember ever making a resolution and following through.  I know I've made them, but what they were and if I even tried to succeed at them at all escapes me completely.  So that kind of makes me a bit hesitant in making any new ones for 2012.  Plus the world might end, right?  So then what's the point?
  About that world ending thing, I just don't feel like it's going to happen.  It would kind of be a relief if the world just stopped.  In some ways I wouldn't mind one bit, but then in other ways I feel like I still have stuff to do to make my life mean something.  I'd hate to think that I've been hanging out on this planet taking up valuable resources for absolutely no reason.
  So now this resolution question has morphed into a philosophical quest for the meaning of life.  Shit.

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