Friday, 9 March 2012

Not really a review

My sister made me buy this book.  She told me it has a main character with asperger's and that she wanted my take on it.  My sister has a special interest in asperger's because her 11 year old son has it.  He has it in the absolute classical sense.  He's a little genius who can't look you in the eye.  He's awkward and formal and everything else that you would discover if you googled asperger's, I love him.  So the fact that I have it too but was not diagnosed until later gives me an insight that she, as his mother needs.  Or it should give me an insight, I try my best.

So I bought the book and powered through it.  It was good.  Absolutely not useful in a "I want to learn about asperger's" kind of way, but a good novel.  This would be the sort of book that I would suggest giving to somebody who is afraid of the label asperger's.  I don't know who that person is since I don't hang around with idiots much, but I'm sure they exist.

The main character didn't have much character.  A person who has ASD might present a bland facade, but I know for a fact that there is a hell of a lot going on under the surface.  This was not reflected at all.  In my experience people with asperger's inwardly struggle with things in a way that was not even hinted at in this book.  Like a swan placidly gliding on the surface of the water but frantically paddling beneath where nobody can see.

I just finished reading the book, so perhaps my opinion will change upon rumination, I'll let you know.

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